Gilets Jaunes Act 5 X Opéra de Paris (The calm before the storm)

Tomorrow will be the fifth Saturday that the Gilets Jaunes (as the French call them, referring to protesters wearing yellow vests), and today, the employees of the Paris Opera received an email from the Direction informing us of its decision of remaining the two theatres (Garnier and Bastille) open during this 5th day of riots... Continue Reading →

Reading thoughts…

During this busy non-stop performance period, reading is particularly enjoyable. Is it really the period? or is it simply the book? Chun enjoys reading this third book of Kevin Kwan's famous trilogy Crazy Rich Asians very much. He would read this before bed, until late, very late, captivated by the addictive plot, until his eyes... Continue Reading →

Soirée Parisienne

Today is Chun's day-off. He took the time to rest and to let his body recover, to prepare himself for tomorrow's rehearsals and performance. He was also invited to a soirée parisienne in the evening, which made him a little nervous at first, because he didn't know anyone there. Arriving at the venue, he tried... Continue Reading →

Première finished~

This Première of La Dame aux Camélias is over. My replacement in the Bal Doré went quite well, even though it was not perfect, but I am satisfied, so is my new partner I guess. This ballet is full of partnering, and changing partner requires some practice. The beautiful long dresses and my gloves also... Continue Reading →

Show started…

I am now in the quick change area at the backstage, just finished the Red Ball (the most difficult part for me in the ballet), waiting to do the Golden Ball in Act 3. There's one difficult step in the Red Ball. Every time I get nervous about this step. Even though I worked on... Continue Reading →

Artists’ Freedom~

Yesterday, Chun was invited to an afternoon party in the 16th arr. of Paris. He met and talked to some other artists: a few musicians and a painter. That painter told him, "In today's fast-paced world, we artists are pushed to produce more and more artworks to attain the sales goals. Professional artists make a... Continue Reading →

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