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Notre Dame Tragedy…

Yesterday night, we had our Pré-Générale of the Paul Lightfoot evening. We were very excited, the stage rehearsal in the afternoon went very well. The two choreographers, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Léon looked very happy with our work and proud of us, which made us very satisfied and confident.

The Pré-Générale (before-last dress rehearsal) started at 19h30 in Palais Garnier. Like my usual practice, I had a very light dinner at 18h, then I go do make-up and fix my hair, by then it will be around 18h45 already, then I will go take a nap in my dressing room for 15min. I’ll then put on my costume and get warmed up for the start of the show.

Technicians clearing the stage after the rehearsal…

We had no idea what was happening at Notre Dame at that time. The rehearsal finished at around 21h, I walked out of stage, checked my phone, and I saw a Notre Dame Cathedral on fire all over the internet! My first thoughts were: “This is unreal, how is that possible?”, “Is that another terrorist attack!?”, “Oh no! One of my favorite, if not my favorite spot in Paris is burning!!!!!”

Notre Dame last week

Just last weekend, I was having a nice relaxing walk around Notre Dame. I love this spot of Paris where the beautiful Cathedral is surrounded cherry blossoms by this time of the year, the Seine river, the whole picture looked so peaceful and poetic. No matter how stressful life is, going there just make you so positive, making me realise how lucky I am to be living in this beautiful city of Paris. How about the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore just at the opposite side. From the window on the first floor, a perfect view on Notre Dame….

I went to bed yesterday night feeling worried that the moment when I will wake up, Notre Dame would be gone… Fortunately, the beautiful facade seems to be safe and sound from the fire. This tragedy will be a part of the history of the Cathedral. However, the radio says that it requires more than 40 years to completely rebuild the damaged part…… Live Long Notre belle Dame~

3 thoughts on “Notre Dame Tragedy…

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  1. Oui il faudra peut-être 40 ans pour la reconstruire :-/ mais on reconstruira!… Une fois passée la sidération, seule la confiance en l’avenir peut sauver! Alors comme disait Pina Bausch ” Dansez sinon nous sommes perdus!” … Donc dansez Chun, vous transmettrez votre énergie positive à Paris 🙂


  2. Yes , it s so harrowing watching the fire at Notre Dame ,embodiment of Paris and France. As you have been living for a so long time , in Paris you have become a Parisian and your sorrow is deep. But , you will be lucky to see Notre Dame rebuilt . For me, it will be more uncertain. !
    Take care


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