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Another week done~

Weekend!!~ I am pretty satisfied with past week’s work. It was another week of productivity, and I confirm that I like it. Ending the day telling myself, “I’ve done a lot”, is satisfying. On Wednesday, my mental coach reminded me to “talk to myself” in a kind way. Instead of thinking “Oh, I am not good enough.” or “I cannot do this”, rather think “Let’s work on this so that I can achieve …..”. This simple technique somehow helped me to spend the rest of the week with much more confidence and serenity.

The rehearsals in the Opera are going very well for the upcoming program of Paul Lightfoot. We continue rehearsing with water, and eventually we get better and better dancing wet! In the above video, several dancers prepare the studio for the water rehearsal.

The other ballet (the dry one) Sleight of Hand is going well too. For the moment I am first cast, which means I will surely be able to perform so I am overjoyed. I enjoy the universe of this piece very much, with intense darkness, power and mystery. We also got the best costume! This week we received the very stylish black coat so that we could rehearse a little bit with it, I definitely love it.

This ballet also include two very impressive sets, two tall towers for the roles of the Queen and the King. The two dancers will go up on those towers and do big upper body mouvements. To stabilize the towers and to prevent the dancers from falling down, because when you watch them moving it really freaks you out, they put a construction with weights of more than 300 kg each. It is very appealing to discover.

I also got to know that I will perform in Singapore and Shanghai in the next tour with the Opera too. So things are going great for me recently.

The weather is incredible in Paris, 19 degrees, blue sky and very sunny, flowers are blooming and Spring is finally here. Yesterday evening, after the rehearsal, Horray! Weekend! While thinking how I should spend my time and enjoy myself, my friend called, and ask me to join them for Deauville (Normandy, France) for the weekend. Another first, à completely last minute trip, with friends. To be continued in a next post.

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