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Enjoying the stage~

Yesterday I did our second performance in Sleight of Hand. Once again, how myself react to each performance took me by surprise. Although the conditions are exactly the same for a dress rehearsal, a Generale and a proper performance, how I feel on stage is totally different. In a real performance, I feel much more nervous which is easy to understand…

I will have 8 more performances in Sleight of Hand until 23rd May. Since I entered the Paris Opera, this is one of the few times that I know in advance the days on which I will perform:

Technicians demounting the sets after the performance…

For Sleight of Hand: 
April: 18, 19, 20 (14h30 and 20h), 21 (14h30), 27 (20h) 
May: 11, 17, 18 (20h), 23 

For Speak for Yourself: 
Mai: 12 (14h30), 14, 18 (14h30), 20 

I feel so grateful to the choreographers Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot for believing in me and for giving me this precious opportunity. When I first met them, I was a little taken aback by how strict and precise they are, making me feel like I could never be as good as how they might want me to be.

Very soon, I discovered how passionate they are. They truly love ballet, their dancers and the pieces that they’d created. They’re also incredibly kind and warm people.

The ballet masters of Sleight of Hand Menghan (the one who speaks a little Cantonese!) and Roger already left after the Première….. They did an incredible job as well, being as precise as the choreographers and were able to adapt to every situation.

And it is such a beautiful beautiful program! The feedbacks are all very positive and people seem to enjoy it so much, which is very satisfying to know for the performers.

Okay, I have to get ready for the performances today! Weather in Paris is extremely good, so as my mood.

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  1. Ce fut ce soir un très beau spectacle, Sleight of Hand est d’une grande intensité dramatique renforcée par la musique de Philip Glass. Les Gnossiennes et Speak for yourself sont beaucoup plus poétiques et oniriques. Les danseuses et danseurs de l’Opéra toujours aussi époustouflants 🙂 Je crois que le public est conquis, bravo à vous tous!


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