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On stage tomorrow!~

It’s Sunday morning! A relaxing Sunday morning, trying to stop myself from working!

This past week has been great. We had intense rehearsals for the coming program of Paul Lightfoot. The preparation is going very well, I very much appreciate the opportunity to meet these wonderful choreographers, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Léon, but also two very kind ballet masters Roger and Menghan. Menghan is actually Chinese! He was in the original casts of the two ballets that we are performing. Now he’s a freelance choreographer and accepted to come and help mounting the two ballets in Paris. He speaks a little Cantonese too! It feels extremely satisfying to speak Cantonese in the studios.

I enjoy dancing these two ballets very much, Sleight of Hand and Speak for Yourself. Sol Léon has been with us this week and she taught us so much about the intentions, the meanings and the atmosphere of the pieces. We will start rehearsing on stage tomorrow and throughout the entire week to come. I am very excited to see how the pieces will be with our costumes on, the rain and the water, the giant towers and different sets.

Grand Foyer, Palais Garnier

Apart from that, we had an open class on stage on Thursday. One of my friends recently reminded me in a message (have I talked about this already?), he wrote:

I guess you can appreciate that you have an amazing talent
You’re doing something special
Don’t forget it 🙂

Since then, I appreciate again my daily routine as a ballet dancer intentionally. I remember taking this public class on stage last year. I didn’t quite enjoy it because I was conscious that people were watching from the audience and around. I wanted to show-off, to prove myself to the others. This year, I didn’t care what others would think anymore. I just enjoyed this opportunity to dance on this beautiful stage, and it was much more enjoyable.

Otherwise, I am now preparing for the final exams of my business degree. It’s getting difficult! I thought writing was easy for me because I’d always written a lot. However, writing a report is in fact quite different from writing just an article or a blog post……

This weekend, I have to treat myself and REST! Yesterday was a beautiful day. Spring is finally here in Paris. The flowers are blooming, the trees are green and happy, the sun is out and the sky is blue. I had a nice walk in the Jardin du Luxembourg, a place that always recalls memories of my first visit in Paris.

Tulips in Jardin du Luxembourg

Then I went to Centre Pompidou to see different exhibitions, I saw three. One of them was Vasarely.

It’s now 11:25am, I still have half a day of rest before attacking another crazy week of work! The sky is grey today….. Of course I have a lot of ideas of what to do this afternoon. But should I rather stay at home and rest?

4 thoughts on “On stage tomorrow!~

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  1. Hi chun
    Do you think you will perform on Saturday 20 th , in the afternoon ? There are tickets available and I think I will buy for us.
    Hope to see you on that day and give you some very interesting books.
    All the best


    1. Hi Tam,

      Sorry, I have been busy this week, sorry for the late reply. Thank you in advance for the books and the moon cake!
      Maybe I can come out and say hi? Let me know.

      All the best


  2. Hello chun
    I bought tickets for May 5 th. Unfortunately, you are not in the casting. So disappointed.. ! Where can I let some books and a Chinese moon cake for you on that day ? Is there a janitor ?
    All the best. Tam


    1. Hello Tam,

      Oh I am sorry to hear that…… we just saw the castings too, pretty surprising. Is it possible for you to ask the Opéra to change the ticket?
      All the best


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