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Thank you for dropping in ~

My Grandma often reminds me,

“if something belongs to you, it shall stay with you. What doesn’t belong to you leaves you sooner or later. So, just follow your path and be kind.”

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Long time no write ! So much happened ~

Since I last wrote on this blog, so SO much happened. Tomorrow, it will be my first barre work since 10 months. Yes… 10 months without ballet, a first in my life since a started ballet at the age of 7. Never have I stopped dancing completely for so long. Here’s the story. Before last… Continue Reading →

Celebrating my 10th year in France

This month, September 2021, marks my 10th year in France. On 4th September 2011, I said farewell to my family and my hometown Hong Kong, and embarked on the journey of pursuing my dream of becoming a ballet dancer in Paris. Extremely determined, I flew to Paris on my own at the age of 14… Continue Reading →

Driving in Paris…

Back in Paris, my last trip in Barcelonnette really motivated me to start my driving lessons. It turns out to be a perfect time to learn driving here. Paris is eerily quiet, with very few cars and only a few people on the streets (the Parisians have all left the French capital for holiday). The… Continue Reading →

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