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Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun with Alexandre Tharaud

A short film by Raphaël Wertheimer, choreography by Wun Sze Chan, published by Warner Classics, a deep collaboration with the French pianist Alexandre Tharaud that reignites my passion for the piano.

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Soirées Jeunes Danseurs

In the past week, we performed twice the “Soirée Jeunes Danseurs” at Opera Garnier. Due to the current sanitary restrictions, the two performances took place with an almost-empty audience. The first show (Friday evening) was only open to 150 to 200 members of the Paris Opera. A new “lockdown” in Paris was announced just the… Continue Reading →

Paris Opera at home ~

The theatres are still closed in France….. and in the near future, we don’t see any way out. So we continue rehearsing in the studios. The “Soirée Jeunes Danseurs” evening in which I am supposed to perform in Bluebird Pas de deux and Brumachon’s “Indomptés” is probably going to be cancelled or postponed, but we… Continue Reading →

Rehearsals for upcoming “Soirée Jeunes Danseurs”

What a totally unexpectedly intense week I had! We have been deprived of performances and our usual dancer routine for more than a year now and all of a sudden, we had quite an incredibly tough week preparing for the upcoming (or not…) “Soirée Jeunes Danseurs” at the Paris Opera Ballet. It is a program… Continue Reading →

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