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A crazy crazy day…

I will count today among one of the most packed days that I’ve ever had:

7:30 am – wake up
8:30 am – oral exam (business course, telephone prospection techniques)
10:00 am – Opera
Noon – Opera called for tonight’s replacement in a new spot, nerves
1 pm – home for lunch and work (homework, internship, extra tasks to help friends, revision for tonight’s replacement)
6 pm – Hong Kong Fashion brands presentation

7:30 pm – Get ready for performance (make-up, revision, try out steps with new partners, stage placement, trying costumes…..)
8:52 pm – our piece starts
10 pm – home
11:30 pm – finished some more tasks for friends……
11:46 pm – writing this post, gratitude, relieve, and heavy eye lids.

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  1. En France quand on a un emploi du temps très chargé on dit avoir un “agenda de 1er ministre”, c’est peut être ça votre destin Chun 😉 …ou au moins ministre de la culture! 🙂


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