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About Chun-Wing


Chun-Wing (雋永), is a Chinese word translated in English as “meaningful, thought-provoking, significant”.

Whereas seperately, Chun (雋) suggests the idea of “talent and outstanding abilitites”; and Wing (永) the “perpetual eternality”.

It is the name of a boy whose loving parents wished him nothing but to influence positively every life that he touches.

Since Chun-Wing left Hong Kong and his family to pursue his dream in Paris at the age of 14, Chun-Wing eventually became Chun.

Constantly observing, curious and surprised by different aspects of his life, he started a blog in June 2013 when he was a student at the Paris Opera Ballet School.

Here is a place where Chun-Wing takes a step back from his own life, and tells you the Tale of Chun.

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