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Unexpectedly touching final performance~

This eventful series of Les Noces finally came to an end yesterday evening. In the last 4 performances, I replaced a sick dancer, which let me have the chance to witness the emotional final performance…

The choreographer of the piece, Pontus Lidberg came back for the occasion. But what was unexpected, was how the AEDES choir expressed their thankfulness to the Paris Opera.

Me in my costume in the changing room, for the last performance of Les Noces.

Firstly, during the curtain call, they threw us individual roses from the orchestra pit to the stage. We were already surprised. Then once the curtain was down, they came into the stage and performed a song of Rachmaninoff right in front of us. The song was so beautifully sung, I wish I knew what song it was, and I had never been able to appreciate a choir performance at such a short distance which made it so powerful and impactful. Some of us were in tears……

The rose that the AEDES threw to me

Afterwards, some of the singers explained to me that it was a huge honor for them to perform at the Paris Opera. AEDES is a choir founded around only 10 years ago by a group of passionate musician friends, they never thought that they could one they have the pleasure to perform at the Paris Opera, that’s why they were so grateful.

All the team was finally welcomed to a party inside the Opera. At the entrance, they marked on the white board: “the biggest AEDES party ever!!!!”

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