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Rehearsal with water~

The rehearsals of the Paul Lightfoot program is going very well. This week, to prepare for the ballet Speak for Yourself, in which we will dance in the rain (yes~!) around the end of the piece, they put water in one of the studios so that we can get prepared and get used to dancing on a slippery dance floor. Here’s an extract of the ballet:

It looks stunning with dancers dancing in the rain doesn’t it!? That rehearsal with water was very fun, although it was very scary in the beginning dancing on a “very slippery” floor. You have to keep your core incredibly stable and your legs muscles very tensed up to not fall down!!

It feels very good to be rehearsing intensively again. It is difficult, forcing your body to wake up every morning at class, feeling soreness at different body parts each day, and albeit still keep dancing. While rehearsing, with the power of the music and the pressure of the choreographer pushing you to go further and further just in front of you, you kind of forget about how your body really feels. At the end of the day, physically and mentally you are completely exhausted, and somehow I enjoy this feeling of exhaustion. I would go back home and take a nice hot shower, and finish the day with some gentle stretching and self massage, feeling satisfied of the work that I did, the feeling that you’ve done a lot in a day.

What is more satisfying is that I had a lot of work to do from my business course this week, on top of the rehearsals at the Opera. So I had to wake up early every morning, work for an hour on my laptop, ballet class, work for another hour, rehearsals, work for another hour or two, then stretching and a good night’s sleep well deserved. It may sounds scarily tiring, but again the feeling of being productive is satisfying to me. Only that I really have to rest during the weekend, to recover before starting over again on Monday~

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  1. ça a l’air très beau en effet! 🙂 …mais surement bien difficile à danser à cause de l’eau :-/ bon courage Chun!
    Juste une petite question 😉 je viens voir le ballet le 26 avril, comme ma place est en baignoire, y a t il un risque que la baignoire se remplisse avec la pluie?… dans ce cas je prends une bouée, bien que je sache nager! 😀 , hi,hi,hi


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