Pointe shoes training and sewing…

Pointes shoes, the ultimate symbol and cliché of classical ballet and reserved for female ballerinas, is often a fascinating technique and savoir-faire. Not only is the technique of going on pointe extremely painful and difficult, choosing the right pointe shoes, learning this technique correctly, and even preparing the pointe shoes in a way that's appropriate... Continue Reading →

Déjeuner at Akrame Paris

A friend asked Chun to meet at Fauchon shop at Madeleine church today. Chun is on a day-off, before attacking the intense weekend with four performances of La Dame aux Camélias in 3 days! He thought, "lunch at Fauchon? interesting. I've always seen Fauchon corners at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris selling macarons and... Continue Reading →

Artists’ Freedom~

Yesterday, Chun was invited to an afternoon party in the 16th arr. of Paris. He met and talked to some other artists: a few musicians and a painter. That painter told him, "In today's fast-paced world, we artists are pushed to produce more and more artworks to attain the sales goals. Professional artists make a... Continue Reading →

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