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Concert in the Church of Madeleine~

The “La Dame aux Camélias” group of dancers is now on a short holiday of 5 days before finishing the last two performances of the series on 2nd and 3rd January.

Chun takes this occasion to finish his homework, and to enjoy the beautiful city of Paris before going back to Hong Kong on 4th January.

Yesterday evening, he joined his friend to a concert in the famous church of Madeleine. It was his first time in the Madeleine, and was very excited to listen to Maurice Ravel‘s Bolero and Beethoven‘s 9th symphony in this grand church.

The Hélios orchestra of Paris is an associative orchestra, founded in 2014 for graduated musicians to begin their career and guided by experienced musicians (according to Wikipedia).

It turned out that there were few mélomanes in the audience. Almost everyone was clapping in between the four movements of Beethoven‘s symphony, many were asleep during the entire concert (probably tourists tired from a whole day of visiting, shopping and sight-seeing?)

But I have to say that the acoustic was…. bad. A musician friend of Chun’s said that in Madeleine it has one of the worst acoustics in Paris. The associative orchestra did a great job, but the Paris Opera standard made his ears picky.

It was in any case a great experience to listen to masterpieces in such a beautiful place in the center of Paris! What a great way to start the 5-days break!

5 thoughts on “Concert in the Church of Madeleine~

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  1. Hi Chun,

    you enjoyed listening the interpretations of two masterpieces in a beautiful surrounding although your ears are accustomed to appealing acoustics and observed attentively the audience.

    To be aware of everything without excluding or condemning something is to be in touch with life how it is.

    Kindest regards,


  2. Hi Chun,

    I feel pleased to hear that and imagine that it is not easy every time to update your blog and other social media beside your professional ballet dancer career.

    I take the time to read and comment shortly furthermore the articles of my interest.

    I just created an Instagram account and wish to make pics with my thoughts from time to time.

    Kindest regards,


  3. Hi Chun-Wing,

    Happy New Year !
    I wish you an enjoyment that being yourself in the last two “world” John Neuneier has created ! And after that, have good days with your family and friends in Hong Kong !

    All best,


    1. Hi Chin-Han,

      Happy New Year 2019 to you too! Two more La Dame shows indeed! And an intense short trip in Hong Kong.

      Best wishes to you,


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