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Modern Art Exhibition – Zao Wu-ki


Chun has a day-off in the middle of the week. Sitting in front of his Mac and facing the window, he got envious of the nice sunshine and blue sky outside. He decided to go to the Palais de Tokyo which is near where he lives, and to go and see an exhibition: Zao Wou-Ki, a famous Chinese artist who spent half of his life in Paris.


From all that he saw this morning, Chun liked this big horizontal canvas the most. This certainly seemed abstract to him, yet mesmerizing. For a moment he imagines this painting hanging on a wall of an elegantly designed duplex/house. How appealing.

At the end of the exhibition, four ink-wash paintings were displayed. These were aparently part of a project for the stage curtains at Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts, a project that actually came to naught. That came to naught? How? Would have loved to see curtains like this in a theatre.

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Most of Zao’s works are not titled, emphasizing to the abstract beauty of his paintings.

2 thoughts on “Modern Art Exhibition – Zao Wu-ki

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  1. très belle exposition en effet, avec des couleurs très différentes de celles qu’on avait pu voir lors de la précédente exposition au musée du jeu de paume au jardin des Tuileries en 2003. Un autre Zao-Wou Ki en fait… 🙂


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