A thousand orchids and Swan Lake…

Such sunny weather in Paris this week. It's a very calm week for me, not much work from business school, and no rehearsals in the afternoon. But I don't know why I am feeling a little under pressure and tired. After working a little bit in the morning yesterday, which was a day-off, I decided... Continue Reading →

Sunday with sunlights and good talks~

One day before the Générale of our mixed program Cherkaoui/Goecke/Lidberg. I had one day to stay away from my studies which are getting a little intense and ballet. Today's weather was great, we havent seen Paris this sunny since quite a long time. Going out for a walk under this weather was heavenly, very relaxing... Continue Reading →

Photos taken in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

Chun was still in Hong Kong only two weeks ago...... his hometown, a place that is home for him but that doesn't feel like home anymore. Each time he sees impressive changes in the city: New shops, new buildings, new metro lines and stations..... Among these new places is Tai Kwun, an old police station... Continue Reading →

Hot bath thoughts…

Remembering the time when we would be fascinated by the simple effect of salt crystals melting into water... Time goes by and a year later, we would not bother giving it a glance....... Do fascinations, passions and wonders in life eventually fade, taken for granted? Should we never ever stop seeing Life as if we... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Caprice~

Just after breakfast, sitting at the dinning table just next to Ah Ma (Grandma in Cantonese), Chun looks at his grandma, thoughtful. He asks, - "Ah ma, do you want me to come back to Hong Kong?", Ah Ma nods simply,  eyes looking at her empty bowl. Each time Chun comes back home to see... Continue Reading →

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