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Jean-Michel Basquiat / Egon Schiele @Fondation Louis Vuitton

I think Chun has never spent so much time in a single exhibition….

He arrived at 9am at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, a beautiful building by the architect Frank Gehry, and at noon, he had lunch appointment, so he had to leave, but he would have stayed even longer!

This Basquiat/ Schiele exhibition was really interesting. The main focus was on the Africo-american artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, an impressive collection of his works was exposed in four levels at the Fondation LV, many of the works were said to be never exposed, owned by private collectors. While the Austrian artist Egon Schiele‘s works only exposed in one level.

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Chun spent more than 3 hours there. Carefully studied each artwork. He could appreciate Shiele’s aesthetic, beautiful and poetic work, while Basquiat’s is full of symbols, messages and stories behind, and often anger.

Chun’s favorite by Basquiat
Chun’s favourite by Schiele

To end his visit, he enjoyed a meal at Le Frank, the restaurant at the Fondation LV, before taking a nice “little train” to Porte Maillot to head home.




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