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Hong Kong Caprice~

Just after breakfast, sitting at the dinning table just next to Ah Ma (Grandma in Cantonese), Chun looks at his grandma, thoughtful. He asks,
– “Ah ma, do you want me to come back to Hong Kong?”, Ah Ma nods simply,  eyes looking at her empty bowl.
Each time Chun comes back home to see her, Ah Ma gets slower, having more and more health issues. This year, unlike last time, Ah Ma starts to have knee pain and have difficulties walking.

For an instance, Chun imagines moving back to Hong Kong, just to stay with Ah Ma until the end. Capricious, he thinks that it’s worthy. After all, Ah Ma raised him up and has been an incredibly brave woman that he admires.

Ah Ma asks,

– “what’s the date today?
– “it’s Friday, 11th“, Chun replies.
– “and when are you leaving?”, she asks with a slightly shaky voice.
– “er…. on 13th in the evening”

The two of them remain silent, side by side, avoiding each other’s gaze.


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  1. C’est une tres belle photo et une petite histoire qui en disent long sur votre relation. Profitez bien de ces prochains jours avant le retour!


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