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Artists’ Freedom~

FE2E70FC-27A3-41B8-8744-CE0FF0116905Yesterday, Chun was invited to an afternoon party in the 16th arr. of Paris. He met and talked to some other artists: a few musicians and a painter. That painter told him,

“In today’s fast-paced world, we artists are pushed to produce more and more artworks to attain the sales goals. Professional artists make a living with their art form. But this is wrong! This is not art! Since when do we artists have to work when we don’t necessarily have the inspiration?
I am one of the few painters who are very lucky to have this freedom, to only paint when I feel inspired, when I feel the desire to paint and to express myself through paintings. This is when we can truly and profoundly love what we do! And when we enjoy the process of creation, we produce extraordinary things. For me this is the secret and the essence of Art. It is Freedom. For me it is the exquisite joy to feel completely free to put whatever I want on a big blank canvas, regardless of what others’ tastes, for how much I will be able to sell this painting, the deadlines……..”

Chun was greatly inspired by these words, he couldn’t agree more. He started wondering what it would be like to dance only when the mind and the body want to.

While heading home after the gathering, the skies of Paris were full of black smoke. He saw the splendid monument of Arc de Triomphe being damaged by the gilets jaunes.


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  1. Hi Chun,

    the words of the painter are indeed the key to the true human art (beside the original art in nature). Such a view is only possible when someone has a secured financial background.

    The true human art is the expression of feelings, impressions or moods like an eagle carried by the wind in the sky. It comes from the bottom of the heart and is independent from the mainstream or desire to be famous.

    I just had my daily breakfast in the bakery nearby my apartment and wish you a wonderful good morning.

    Kindest regards,


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