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Taiwan family trip – part I

Two weeks ago, my family visited Taiwan for the first time. We went to the capital, Taipei. We wanted to spend some quality time together away from all distractions that we can have in Hong Kong. It is only two hours by plane from Hong Kong, how could we not have visited this place before?

We first visited the National Palace Museum of Taipei which is particularly well known for having one of the largest collection of Chinese artworks in the world. It was indeed very impressive to see. The permanent collection there is HUGE. There were two exhibition halls. We spent a whole day at Hall 1 marvelling at different kinds of Chinese artworks but didn’t have time to finish looking at every part of the collection, let alone the Hall 2.

More about Taiwan in the next posts…..

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  1. I’ve visited this museum many years ago and was impressed by the delicate china and lovely colours. Hope you had time enough to enjoy it!


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