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There’s no other place like Home~

Paris Opera Ballet’s Asia Tour ended. We performed in Singapore and in Shanghai, each time I discovered a new cosmopolitan Asian city more or less similar to Hong Kong.

In front of Shanghai Grand Theatre

This tour had been especially satisfying for me. Other than visiting Shanghai and Singapore for the first time, performing in three different ballets that I love in Asia was very rewarding. Bringing my French colleagues around Shanghai, picking up the role of the translator, and watching them trying different Chinese dishes for the first time was very fun too.

At the middle of a Shanghai cuisine meal…

While my fellow colleagues returned to Paris at the end of the Tour a few days ago, I stayed in Shanghai to visit a bit more and to take class with the Shanghai Ballet. I was very fortunate to have had this opportunity, I learned a lot, naturally.

With Shanghai Ballet’s Artistic Director, Xin Lili

I was back in Hong Kong yesterday evening. Upon my arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport, it felt like home. Unlike in the other two Asian cities and despite all the amazing qualities that they possess, everything just seem so right in Hong Kong.

It is just so good to be home~

A wall filled with memos of messages regarding the Hong Kong protests against the extradition bill, near where I live.

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