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A thousand orchids and Swan Lake…

Such sunny weather in Paris this week. It’s a very calm week for me, not much work from business school, and no rehearsals in the afternoon. But I don’t know why I am feeling a little under pressure and tired. After working a little bit in the morning yesterday, which was a day-off, I decided to go out and enjoy the sun.

Botanical Gardens, Paris

I originally planned to have a relaxing walk under the sun on the left bank of Paris. I fell asleep in the RER C and I missed several stations. Arriving at Gare d’Austerlitz, I saw that it was the first day of the flower exhibition, the “Mille et une orchidées” (A thousand and one orchids). I got my ticket, and here we go.

The sort of green house at the Botanical Gardens, where the exhibition was…

In a sort of a big green house, maybe hundreds or thousands of orchids were displayed. The scenery was heavenly and there was a large variety of species. It was very soothing to the spirit to see these beautiful flowers, as if they were reminding me of the beauty of life, and that all the daily problems are unimportant.

Then I went for a nice long walk in the streets of Paris, before going to the Pré-générale of Swan Lake (Le Lac des Cygnes) at Opera Bastille, and…. it was soooo good! I hadn’t seen Swan Lake live from the audience since a very long time. As a ballet dancer, we just know this ballet, the choreography and the music, too well. I didn’t expect this performance to still strike me at this point, but it did. After all these years, we definitely watch this very same ballet with different focuses. The performance provokes new thoughts, and we see more and more details of the production. And also, for me, a new interpretation of the story. It was such a success. Dorothée Gilbert and Hugo Marchand were perfect in the lead roles, and I also start to see some of my friends doing other main roles which is part of the reason why I felt so excited.

It made me so proud of the Paris Opera Ballet~

Curtain call, Pré-Générale of Le Lac des Cygnes

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