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Photos taken in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

Chun was still in Hong Kong only two weeks ago…… his hometown, a place that is home for him but that doesn’t feel like home anymore. Each time he sees impressive changes in the city: New shops, new buildings, new metro lines and stations…..

Among these new places is Tai Kwun, an old police station situated at the Hong Kong Island side. After renovation, Tai Kwun became a place for exhibitions, shops and of course a sort of a museum of the old British Colony.

With a friend, Chun spent some time there…

The most important part of his stay in Hong Kong was of course his time with Ah Ma. At 94 years old, each time when Chun goes back home to see her, Ah Ma has more health problems than the time before.

After Chun’s father got retired, Ah Ma no longer prepare dinner for the family as she had been doing for decennies, as Daddy becomes the chef of the family.

But each time when Chun goes back home, Ah Ma would insist making him this “Ju Pah” (Panfried pork) with tomato sauce. Daddy prepared the rest of the dinner for the family, while Ah Ma cooked this one dish, just for Chun…


Ah Ma, stay healthy, I love you.


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