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Back into the studios!

After almost three months, we are finally back into the studios for ballet classes today! The different services of the Palais Garnier gradually return to work one after another. Because the company has to make sure that everybody is not sick and is physically ready to start classes again, each dancer must have a medical test before entering the studios. I had my medical test yesterday and that’s when I took this photo. It had been quite some time since I last saw this beautiful audience of the Palais Garnier.

Upon our arrival this morning, the staff from the ballet company welcomed us at the backstage door! We are only allowed to stay inside the theatre for maximum 2 hours and 15 minutes. So we can only enter the theatre 30 minutes prior to class and then must get out of it in 30 minutes after class.

The staff gave each dancer a “Covid Kit”, containing 6 masks Made In Paris Opera (how chic ~) and some hydroalcoholic gel. The costume department of the Opera has been making and donating masks for those in need during the entire epidemic.

To minimise the risks, the company also carried out social distancing measures, so that we are never too many in the lift, everyone must wear a mask in public areas (we are allowed to do classes without masks), also we must follow a certain path going to and from the studios so that we don’t cross too many people.

My first class in studio went so well! It was such a joy to dance again. Since it is always very risky to start dancing again after a long period of break, I originally planned to just do barre and some centre exercises for the first day, without starting the jumps yet. But finally after the pirouettes exercises in the center I just couldn’t resist finishing the class!

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