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Summer break far away from busy Parisian city

Since living in Paris, I have been told, by different people, how much they hate the stressful and busy Parisian life, which I did not understand at first. Having lived in Hong Kong until 14 years old, Paris is no where near Hong Kong in terms of stress and business.

However, this summer, because going back to Hong Kong would have been such a chaotic and never-ending journey of tests in the nose, quarantine and meals delivery to an isolated hotel room, instead I went to a beautiful beautiful small town in the south of France, at 1400 meters altitude, near the Alps mountains.

The way of life of the people here is so different from what I have known in Paris and Hong Kong. Morning walks in the mountains and being in front of breathtaking nature sceneries. This gives the brain new ideas, and makes me forget about my past year of lockdowns, running in the Opera house, Concours and stage fright before each performance.

So grateful to be here. And the first thing I will do after returning to Paris is to get my driving license!

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