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Celebrating my 10th year in France

This month, September 2021, marks my 10th year in France. On 4th September 2011, I said farewell to my family and my hometown Hong Kong, and embarked on the journey of pursuing my dream of becoming a ballet dancer in Paris. Extremely determined, I flew to Paris on my own at the age of 14 with my large suitcases, having no idea when I would come back to Hong Kong to see my family, and where all this would lead to.

Upon my arrival, a taxi drove me to the School, the Paris Opera Ballet School, a place where I longed to be, already part of my dream that came true. Only that when we arrived, we realized that it was one day too early ! And that the school was closed…… and the start of the school year was actually the next day. Completely lost and without any other solution, I spent a night at the taxi driver’s place, his family was so kind and welcoming, how lucky……. The next day, we went back to the school and there I started my four-years training at the Paris Opera School.

Life is ever-changing and so unexpected. Ten years later I am still here, working and living in Paris as a dancer, even a Coryphée and as a French citizen. We often say “time flies!”, yet these ten intense years felt more like 30! In only 10 years so much has changed, in the world, in Hong Kong, Paris, and in my reality.

And in ten years ? Are we ready for this much change once again ?

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  1. Assurément un brillant avenir ( quelqu il soit ) à l horizon. Un extrait du prélude à l après midi d un faune a été projeté lors de l émission fauteuils d orchestre. Bravo encore. ! C était très beau mais beaucoup trop court.


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