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Finished my 6th season at the Paris Opera

This has been a special season, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Theatres were closed for a very long time and we started performing again at the Palais Garnier only in May 2021. At first, the number of audience was limited. However, the theatre is now allowing its full capacity again.

The Paris Opera Ballet started with a mixed bill of Roland Petit in which I performed “Le Rendez-vous” and “Carmen”. The Opera was closed for almost two years, and I felt a certain fear of going back onto the stage, and was quite under pressure during the performances of Carmen. In this production, I was given the opportunity to perform in the role of the “Second chief of the bandits”, which made me feel even more exposed. We did a total of 18 shows, I am relieved that it all went very well and that it is over.

In the role of “Second chief of the bandits”
Curtain call of Carmen

This series of Carmen was followed by the “Soirée Jeunes Danseurs” at the Palais Garnier, which is a sort of a showcase for junior and young dancers like myself. I performed the “Bluebird pas de deux” with my brilliant partner Luna Peigne, and Brumachon’s “Les Indomptés” with the talented Giorgio Fourès, for a total of 6 shows. Both of these ballets are challenging, I was worried that I would not be capable of meeting the Opera’s expectation.

“Les Indomptés”
“Les Indomptés”
Just after our last show of Bluebird, with my partner Luna and our coach Irek Mukhamedov

Hair dress before the show

Souvenir photo after our last show

In the end, all went very well! I appreciated very much this challenging end of the season, these incredible opportunities to perform on the stage of Palais Garnier. What an exciting and promising start of my career as a Coryphée in the company!

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