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Rehearsing in Rouen

During the entire confinement I have been working on a new solo with a choreographer friend of mine who lives in Germany through Zoom. It is a new challenge to create this way because the choreographer has only one single angle to see my movements and I have very limited space to try out the steps at home.

Now, a little more than one month after the lockdown was lifted, I am still having a hard time finding a studio in Paris for the rehearsals. Even thought the studios are open for the classes at the Palais Garnier, we are still not allowed to use them for personal reasons.

I was offered a possibility to rehearse in a city in Normandy not too far from Paris – Rouen. It was great to be back in a proper dance studio! Even though seemingly the Marley floor has never been cleaned and the floor is way too sticky.

After the rehearsals, I could have a walk in the city of Rouen, which is another beautiful French city!

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