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Long time no write ! So much happened ~

Since I last wrote on this blog, so SO much happened. Tomorrow, it will be my first barre work since 10 months. Yes… 10 months without ballet, a first in my life since a started ballet at the age of 7. Never have I stopped dancing completely for so long. Here’s the story.

Before last year’s annual Concours de Promotion at the Paris Opera Ballet, while I had never been so confident, I broke my 4th metatarsal joint one week before the D-day. I was rehearsing Jerome Robbins’ second variation “Brown Boy” from Dances at a Gathering, my first rehearsal with the brown leather boots, which were way too big for me. At the moment of the bad landing, I couldn’t imagine the injury was so serious, so I kept dancing and finished the solo. Less than 24 hours later, before I knew it I was at the hospital on the operating table. Next to my head, written “morphine“. “So how did it happen ?”, asked the surgeon. Before I realised, I found myself waking up from the surgery with more morphine injections.

Long story short, the past ten months were unprecedented. With almost no ballet at all : no classes, no waking up with soreness, no daily makeup and removing makeup, no costumes, no soft-shoes, no performances, nothing balletic at all. Instead, a little bit of music, lots of studying, entrepreneurship, appointments, more hospital and morphine and anticoagulant injections, crutches, exams and graduation, French Civil Code and physiotherapy.

Tomorrow, I shall finally step into the studio at the Paris Opera after all this. Trying to be a dancer again with new perspectives.

10 thoughts on “Long time no write ! So much happened ~

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  1. I was already wondering why I couldn’t see any update…
    I wish you a very good re-start and hope you will be on stage soon! Take good care!


  2. ‌Bonne reprise,  Chun.

    Hâte de vous revoir sur scène. 


    Vous nous avez manqué.





  3. Chun,

    I had heard of your fracture and had been wondering about you. It is good to hear you are back on your feet and ready to resume the ballet. I’m sure you are more resolved and will soon be even stronger than ever.

    All the best,



    1. Thank you Roger 🙂
      Indeed, this period has been beneficial to me in many ways. I will certainly be a different dancer after this.
      Thank you for your message !


  4. Très bonne reprise à l’Opéra Chun, malgré toutes ses souffrances vous êtes resté très actif dans d’autres domaines et cela vous a surement beaucoup aidé…. Bravo! 🙂


  5. Tous nos souhaits pour cette nouvelle saison. Succès professionnels dans tous les domaines. But be very careful. ! Take care.


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