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Lockdown is lifted in France!

After almost two months of lockdown, the French can finally go out in public again. The whole period of lockdown lasted from 17th March to 11th May.

We are going through a major challenge, especially for the health professionals who have been under extreme pressure in the hospitals, but also for many other industries and it is even a situation that affects anyone. The numbers of confirmed cases and deaths are horrifying.

Perhaps we are gradually turning into a new way of living. There seem to be a “Before” and an “After” of this global pandemic. For example, two months ago, no one would have believed seeing more than 80% of the people walking on the streets in France with a mask!

While the country is gradually going back to normal, the restaurants and hotels remain closed at least until 2nd June, and the Paris Opera too is closed at least until September.

We dancers who are used to working intensely everyday have no choice but to stay at home. The Opera very kindly gave us a piece of Marley floor so that we can do barre work at home more comfortably. The company also organise online live ballet classes everyday so that while we are all waiting for future decisions, the dancers can try their best to keep in shape.

It is for most of us a difficult period. However, I believe that we are all capable to adapt and to reinvent. A lot of new ideas will arise during this period and will remain beneficial to the world for a long time.

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