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Second phase of de-confinement in France

Tomorrow, on 2nd June, France is going to enter the second phase of the de-confinement. This means the the remaining small businesses are opening again. On the other hand, the parks and gardens reopened already this weekend, and I couldn’t resist having a walk in one of them.

People seemed calmer. The usual aggressiveness and snobbery of the Parisians disappeared. The appearance of the parks also changed dramatically. In two months’ time, the nature wiped out the order and geometrical design of the French gardens. There are different types of plants here and there, the grass is much taller, and it creates a heavenly picture.

Meanwhile, the Paris Opera is still closed. We still don’t know when exactly we’re performing again… Fortunately, even after more than 2 weeks since the lockdown was lifted, the numbers of new confirmed cases and deaths in France are constantly going down, which is very reassuring. Let’s hope that this episode will be behind us real soon!

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