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Exams at GEM are over, what’s next?

To prepare for a ballet performance, apart from the daily training, we rehearse the ballet for a month or two, then we go on stage and perform in generally 5 to 24 shows. Whereas writing a business course report, you’d work on the same subject for a year or two, you write a 50-pages report, present your work with the help of a powerpoint, and in a day‘s time, all of a sudden, your work is handed-in, you lose the control over it, as if it doesn’t belong to you anymore. The feeling is very different.

So on 4th June 2019, I walked out of that presentation room, and finished my two-years business degree course. The results were far beyond my expectation and I felt a huge sense of satisfaction. For once, I was very proud of what I’d accomplished.

GEM welcomed me warmly. In two days we spent some very good time together. This business course gave me self-confidence. And of course I learnt tremendously.

Now what? No more studying in the weekends, no more computer during lunch breaks at the Opera. Instead of enjoying the freedom and the extra time, I am truly bored. There are two more years of e-learning to get the master degree. Should I complete it right away? Or should I focus on my dancing career instead? It is quite a complexe question.

Anyway, two years ago, I never thought I would one day be capable of doing this. Very grateful!

Looking back to the photos I took…

I arrived Grenoble on 2nd June morning, upon my arrival at the train station of Grenoble, I saw my business school GEM. The campus is right next to the train station. Last time I was here was two years ago, when the course just started.

Grenoble was still as charming as I remembered. It is a very small city but the mountains are so beautiful there, and they add such charm to the city.

That night, I treated myself with a nice dinner, before the beginning of the exams the next morning. I also met a Hong Kong girl who is a student at GEM, we chatted in the afternoon and she suggested me this French restaurant. Despite the hot weather I ordered some boeuf bourguignon, which was jolly tasty!

The next morning, I was very nervous as usual about the exams…. my first exam was commercial negotiation, at 9am. I arrived in front of the school of GEM, feeling very grateful, life brings me a large variety of experiences. This is the entrance for the students, “Étudiants”, so it was for me.

I walked into the campus, wait a minute, am I a student here? Am I part of this? It felt unreal.

This is where the first exam took place, negotiation. I was not satisfied with my “performance”. I was nervous and made stupid mistakes….. disappointing….

Then for lunch, a friend invited me to their student residence building and they cooked for me! That was another enriching encounter. We talked about being a student there, and living in Grenoble, in France… GEM…. etc.

The next morning, I worked at the office of l’Institut Sport & Management for the first time since I became an intern. Well, in fact, it was for the exam that I was going to do in the afternoon: printing out the annexe documents, finalising my powerpoint…… preparing for my oral presentation

Everything ready! Just before the exam!!!!!!!

The exam went incredibly well. In this photo, I was receiving comments from the jury (board of examiners) about my presentation. They gave flattering compliments. I was very very surprised and happy!

So there, my two years’ business bachelor course is over! Thank you so so much Claire Galland and Marie Ménager for your help and kind attention!

4 thoughts on “Exams at GEM are over, what’s next?

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  1. Congratulations Chun ! So glad for you. Your parents must be very proud of you and you really deserve it. You were very courageous , as training at opera , as studying so hard.
    Your future will be brilliant , it is incontestable !
    All the best


  2. Congratulations Chun! You have worked very hard and accomplished many things in the last couple years. You should be very proud.


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