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Grenoble – Exams at GEM

After two years of e-learning studies, here I am again, at Grenoble, for the final exams. Being back in Grenoble recalls so many memories. Last time when I was here was two years ago, when the programme started. The excitement that I had while walking into the modern and beautiful school campus was indescribable. Being a student again felt exciting and a little surprising. The and city and the school remain un changed. The mountains still add so much charm to the city.

Inside the Campus of GEM, the banner saying “Welcome to the candidates!”

Upon my arrival at the campus of Grenoble École de Management, I was warmly welcomed by the team. We talked as if we’ve always known each other, even though since two years we’ve only been communicating online. My first exam didn’t went as well as I hoped it would. Anyway, inside the school numerous candidates were having admission exams to enter into the school, they looked as nervous as I was!

Back into the classrooms! This is where my first exams took place yesterday….

Today is the day of the last and most important exam, the presentation of my report regarding my internship. Doing presentations, negotiating, analysing, talking…….. is almost as tiring as doing a performance! It is a different type of tiredness and difficulty. Life is all about exploring, curiosity and experimenting, don’t you agree?

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  1. It s always a great pleasure to read your post ..
    We are sure that you ll be confident !
    Take care. TamQ


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