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Home sweet home ~ Photos of La Dame aux Camélias……

Chun is on vacation in Hong Kong, enjoying some precious time with his family and friends in his hometown. That us probably explains why he’s less active here…..

img_20190107_120627_burst1 - 複製
Here are all the photos taken during the last production at Opera Garnier, La Dame aux Camélias:

2 thoughts on “Home sweet home ~ Photos of La Dame aux Camélias……

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  1. no problems for less activity on your blog Chun, rest and family time are more important!… mais, mais… j’ai écrit en Anglais…? Ouh là! c’est rare chez un Français 😀 😀 lol … Bonnes vacances.


    1. Haha! I am actually very busy in Hong Kong, it is such a short stay, trop court, je cours à droite à gauche tous les jours. Il y a trop à faire!


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