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End of La Dame….

Tonight was the last show of La Dame aux Camélias. This series of 19 performances have actually been quite enjoyable.

Chun also had the honor to wear Manuel Legris‘ (Famous French Etoile dancer) costume for this production!

The rehearsals which started in August 2018 have been very stressful for Chun, as he had to face his weaknesses in partnering. He had been brave to go through it, having “硬著頭皮做” in his mindset to confront each challenge.

He was very nervous and worried that these 19 performances would be even worse than the rehearsals. But eventually things just work out with hard work and perseverance.

Very touched to have finished this period, during which Chun learned very much. Will be up again for airport bus in only a few hours, heading back to Hong Kong.

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