More photos from La Dame aux Camélias

Tonight was the 11th performance out of the 19 performances of La Dame aux Camélias that we haven in December! So we've done more than half of it! Chun's partner is such a sweet person who always have a very positive and serious attitude in her work. She spreads her good mood with the other... Continue Reading →

Assemblés – Attilio Labis

This morning, Chun went to POB's men's 11:30 class by Mr. Attilio Labis, Etoile and renowned ballet teacher of the Paris Opera. Mr. Labis said, after we've done our assemblé exercice in the centre: "- Il y a deux types d'assemblé, les assemblés qui se déplacent, et ceux qui restent sur place. Quand on les... Continue Reading →

Gilets Jaunes X Opera de Paris (after)

This morning, when Chun saw this, he didn't believe that tonight's La Dame aux Camélias performance would be possible, with this fifth day of "Gilets Jaunes" protests. He left home at 9:55 am and arrived at 11:25 am at the Opera, started his day with a ballet class, then rehearsals..... being whole day inside the... Continue Reading →

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