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Self control and willpower~

It is now 7:41pm, I am writing this at the canteen of the Opera, we will have another performance later in the evening.

Today, we had a last stage rehearsal of this program for the new cast. For me, I am just dancing with a new partner, nothing else will change for me. It didn’t went so well, which is completely normal, we always have to adjust and adapt to each partner.

Even more surprising (I am surprised by how I react to what happens to me), I had a class from my business course yesterday in which we did a simulation of a prospecting call. I had never done it before, and it went actually okay, but I felt horrible at that moment, and I had been feeling bad all the way until this afternoon, until my focus was switched to the stage rehearsal at the Opera.

I have been extremely sensitive emotionally in the past few days. Even normal events make me very annoyed. The thing is, while myself is surprised by how I actually feel, I have no idea why I react in such a way.

……. it is 23:04, I just came home from tonight’s performance. To my relief, it went quite well, my partner was happy. To come back to what I was saying earlier, I think when we are tired, hungry or stressed, we have a lower level of willpower and self control, which leads to extra sensitiveness or aggressiveness. Don’t you think?

We shall Never make important decisions or do risky tasks after a bad night’s sleep, or when we’re tired or hungry. We may mess everything up!
I did, last night, when I was very tired, I wanted to make a backup and I turned out deleting a whole library document in my computer! And how important is self control in life! So, make sure you eat well, and sleep well! That’s the way to a victorious life!

(Featured image: Winged Victory of Samothrace, Louvre Museum, Paris)

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