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Business Cool interview

Here’s a short article by Business Cool about my recent graduation at Grenoble Ecole de Management, a semi-private business school in Grenoble, France.

Who would have thought that I would one day do an interview in French? This is the very first one I guess. Thank you Maximilien for this article!

Business may seem to be a domaine very far from that of Ballet. However, it may be much more connected than you’d think! From running a ballet company, fundraising, ticketing to self-promotion for an artist (communication), business knowledge can be very important in the ballet world too.

“Why are you picking up studies again? Will you quit ballet?”

This is a frequent question since I started my business course. Picking up serious studies at this early-stage of a dancing career may seem inappropriate or unnecessary. It is thus very comprehensible to question my determination in Ballet.

But, since I was 7 years old, I have been putting a lot of hard work and making sacrifices for dancing professionally. During those four years of training at the Paris Opera Ballet School, no matter how hard it could get, I did not give up because being part of the Paris Opera Ballet was my ultimate goal. How would I leave this position so easily today?

This is a gap year for me in academic studies. However, I will not stop learning and enriching myself with new knowledge inside and outside the Ballet World.

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  1. Hello Chun
    Your interview was interesting and your French quite good ! I think you are preparing le concours de promotion. There are 2 posts this year. I really hope you will succeed on Friday 8 th. I will pray for you and I m sure we will celebrate this event together ( in a Chinese restaurant !)
    Wish you all the best.


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