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Concours de Promotion 2019

This year’s Promotional Contest officially started its preparation at the Paris Opera Ballet. It will take place on 6th and 8th November on the stage of the Palais Garnier. We’re back to booking studios by sticking a little piece of paper on the studios’ door!

For the Quadrille men, this year’s compulsory variation happens to be Napoli’s first male solo. I had worked on this variation many times when I was at the Paris Opera School, and for my audition video tape back in August 2014…

This video is from 4 years ago! It’s always interesting to see how we evolved, how my body changed (so much!), and how the way we look at ourselves changed too. Today, I see a lot of imperfections that I wouldn’t have necessarily seen or agreed four years ago. Therefore, in that sense, I am very happy to leave these videos on the internet, so that we can find back those memories very easily.

However, I have never performed it on stage. So this November’s Concours would be a nice opportunity for me to actually perform it!

I believe that the key to go through this period of Concours here is to appreciate the progress that we could benefit from this intense period of work and preparation, never stop looking at the bright side of things, keep feeling our love for our passion and just enjoy the present, the “now”!

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