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With the master, Mr. William Forsythe!

This afternoon, we finished our 5th performance of the program Sugimoto/Forsythe in Palais Garnier. In total, we will have done 17 performances, so 12 more to go!

After our Première (first performance/ opening), we were invited to a cocktail in the Rotonde du Glacier which is a nice little circular hall in the Palais Garnier. There we said goodbye to the William Forsythe, who had been here with us during our last week of rehearsals. He remembered that I had previously performed in another piece of his: Herman Schmerman. However, he didn’t came at that time. He must have seen videos of it?

How fortunate we are to have this chance to work with him! Every word he told us was deep and true. He told us how we should continue to find different details to work on, to think of, throughout the entire series of performances. How we ballet is all about how the dancers feel, not how we look. How we should have an idea of every mouvement that we do…. etc. I was very much inspired by his words and his person.

The performances are going very well. BlakeWorks I is such a beautiful and wonderful piece to perform. Also, for once, I am not understudying in this program, I have my own spot and am doing the same spot in each show. The music is lively, the technique is not stressful (this means you don’t get super nervous before going on stage, worrying about the tricky technical moments!), feeling very grateful to be doing this! Dreams do come true sometimes.

Photo by Isabelle Aubert, curtain call of BlakeWorks I

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