Harper’s Bazaar interview

https://www.facebook.com/harpersbazaarhk/videos/386933389219312 In March 2019, when Harper's BAZAAR HK's team was in Paris for the fashion week, they needed an interpreter (Cantonese-French) in order to carry out a random street interview about fashion, skincare and French lifestyle. I accepted the job and worked for the first time in my life as an interpreter! It was a... Continue Reading →

Business Cool interview

Here's a short article by Business Cool about my recent graduation at Grenoble Ecole de Management, a semi-private business school in Grenoble, France. http://business-cool.com/vie-etudiante/portraits-etudiants/chun-wing-lam-opera-paris-grenoble-ecole-de-management/ Who would have thought that I would one day do an interview in French? This is the very first one I guess. Thank you Maximilien for this article! Business may seem... Continue Reading →

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