Grenoble – Exams at GEM

After two years of e-learning studies, here I am again, at Grenoble, for the final exams. Being back in Grenoble recalls so many memories. Last time when I was here was two years ago, when the programme started. The excitement that I had while walking into the modern and beautiful school campus was indescribable. Being... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Tragedy…

Yesterday night, we had our Pré-Générale of the Paul Lightfoot evening. We were very excited, the stage rehearsal in the afternoon went very well. The two choreographers, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Léon looked very happy with our work and proud of us, which made us very satisfied and confident. The Pré-Générale (before-last dress rehearsal) started... Continue Reading →

A crazy crazy day…

I will count today among one of the most packed days that I've ever had: 7:30 am - wake up8:30 am - oral exam (business course, telephone prospection techniques) 10:00 am - Opera Noon - Opera called for tonight's replacement in a new spot, nerves 1 pm - home for lunch and work (homework, internship,... Continue Reading →

Self control and willpower~

It is now 7:41pm, I am writing this at the canteen of the Opera, we will have another performance later in the evening. Today, we had a last stage rehearsal of this program for the new cast. For me, I am just dancing with a new partner, nothing else will change for me. It didn't... Continue Reading →

Hot bath thoughts…

Remembering the time when we would be fascinated by the simple effect of salt crystals melting into water... Time goes by and a year later, we would not bother giving it a glance....... Do fascinations, passions and wonders in life eventually fade, taken for granted? Should we never ever stop seeing Life as if we... Continue Reading →


2018 had been a very important year for Chun. Full of ups and downs, challenges and emotion, he went though the most revealing and shocking moments imaginable. It made him learn so much, and grow. It is a year to remember. Now he sees things very differently and has a new attitude towards his life.... Continue Reading →


On Christmas Eve, after a nice usual dinner at home, Chun peered out from the window.... In the building facing him, he could barely listen to some laughters, Christmas carols, and he could recognized nicely decorated tables ready for Christmas dinners, Christmas trees and people having a good time with their family. Chun's family in... Continue Reading →

Racism – part 2

With all the cultural and language barriers, racism could be a natural phenomenon. Supposedly, it's easier to talk with someone who speaks the same language as we do. With the cultural differences, we have different centres of interest, and different subjects of conversation. Thus, integrating into a foreign country, we naturally feels rejected, put aside.... Continue Reading →

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