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Strike continues at the Paris Opera

It’s been 21 days since Opera started going on strike. 50 performances have been cancelled, and the audience must be very disappointed, especially those who came from far away to watch the performances. This social movement has dramatic economic consequences for the Paris Opera, who might just have lost more than 14 million euros……

The artists of the company continue to fight for their rights for their retirement. Other than going on strike, a few days ago, they had this original idea to organise a short show of 15min in front of the Palais Garnier. The female dancers performed Act 4 of Swan Lake, the musicians of the orchestra of the Paris Opera joined and provided live music. The short performance was very emotional and special.

Meanwhile, the public transport in Paris is still merely working. The Unions announced that the movement will be prolonged until 9th January. This strike would have lasted for more than a month. A few more days until 2020 arrives, in my opinion it is rather unlikely that Raymonda will be performed again until it will be next programmed.

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