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Strike continues…. my most unusual week in France!

Today is already the 10th day of the massive social movement in France. The public transport system is still paralysed, with only a reduced service of certain bus lines, and the metro is almost completely down. The French people seem to get more and more annoyed with the strike, especially when we have no choice but to wait for a very long time at the bus stops and once we are fortunate enough to catch a bus, most of the time, we are packed like sardines inside! It is very easy to understand why people lose patience in this situation.

As to the Paris Opera, every single performance, in Garnier like in Bastille, for the Operas like for the Ballet company, was cancelled. The very disappointed audience are informed only a few hours before the beginning of the show. The most upset ones are those who come from far away, sometimes from overseas, to watch the performances….. According to some French newspapers, the Paris Opera would have already lost about 3 million euros in ticketing, because the box office has to proceed to a full refund for every unused ticket reservation.

Yet, the French government seems especially determined to push this retirement reform. Negotiations with different unions are going on, I do hope that the government’s future response will calm the social tensions. Another major demonstration is expected on coming Tuesday. The dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet are joining too, and may even perform something on the streets for the occasion…

For me, the past week has been very usual. Going to class every morning, struggling most of the time in the public transport, sometimes having no choice but to go to Opera on foot and the journey turns out to be a very pleasant walk in the beautiful streets of Paris, also having a lot of free time to learn, which always enchants me.

Will the coming week be just the same?

Photo taken this morning at 9am, when there were very few cars and people, the light was special, Paris was smiling to me.

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