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Back in Paris, new perspectives and goals~

Two days ago, by myself, I walked into the “Departures” gate at the Hong Kong international airport again. After all these years, it was still hard to leave my parents, not knowing in how much time exactly I would see them again.

“Paris, again. Eight years ago, I arrived by this very same Charles de Gaule airport, and discovered the city of Paris. Today, this place feels more like home than ever, I am home.”, I thought in the taxi, on the way to the 16th arrondissement.

Vacation in Hong Kong went well, yet Hong Kong was under unprecedented pressure. For more than a month, TV news and radio talked about nothing but the protests against the now suspended extradition bill. People could hardly keep from talking about it. Opinions were often opposed and arguments inevitable.

A few more days before starting a new season with the Paris Opera Ballet. The past few months, the Asia Tour, Singapore then Shanghai, Taipei trip, vacation in Hong Kong, different encounters…..etc. brought me a lot of new ideas, thoughts and new perspectives. This coming year, I fully intend to live it a little differently.

Business school

Firstly, after a few months of careful reflection, I decided to complete my master degree in business management later on, and to fully concentrate on my dancing career first. This means that I will have much more free time to fill in than the past two years. From playing the piano, to investments, to reading, to dance performances, to art exhibitions….etc. I seem to have so many interests, and there is too much that I’d like to learn.

Use of social medias

Like the majority of the world population, I have been using social medias (for instance Facebook and Instagram) for many years now. This summer, I came to the conclusion that it is incredibly unhealthy! Yes, “unhealthy” is the word. Time consuming, addictive, bad-quality and sometimes fake information, scrolling Facebook is not bringing me anywhere I want to be. Let’s use social medias wisely.

Be myself. Think less, do more

Overthinking and fear have been holding me back from doing the right things. In the coming year, I hope to have the courage to overcome this fear and do what is right with confidence.

Those are the goals for the coming year!

4 thoughts on “Back in Paris, new perspectives and goals~

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  1. Dear Chun
    So happy that you could have a flight for Paris! I was so sorry for these events that affected HK. Maybe you will spend your future in Europe ..
    I hope that all your decisions are relevant and they will come true
    Cheers. TamQ


    1. Hi Tam,
      Indeed, it was not so certain that I could make it back to Paris…. I flew with Cathay Pacific to Shanghai before taking Air France back to Paris. Ouf!


  2. Bon retour à Paris Chun 🙂 les évènements de Hong-Kong ont été très relatés ici, c’est bien préoccupant en effet :-/ … Quand dansez-vous prochainement?…

    Bien respectueusement.



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