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Ballet amid restaurants and shops shutdown?

The French prime minister announced restaurants and shops’ shutdown from today. The Paris Opera will be closed too. How long would this take ? If an eventual country lockdown will last for more than a month, how would the dancers continue working on their body? 

I am writing this while queuing up in front of a supermarket. Everyone one there was in panic, certain shelves in of the store were already empty. For the first time since I came to France, I saw people queuing up for the supermarket 30minutes before it opens, and some of them wearing masks.

Empty shelves in supermarkets

The government just announced that all non-indispensable shops will be closed until 15th April, for a month. The streets were empty this morning and police motorbikes were circulating around the city to make sure that the official rule is followed by the people.

What can dancers do while being confined at home for a month? I suppose, a lot of stretching, core exercises, floor work and feet strengthening. In a general manner, the risk would be to stay on bed for a month, getting bored and at the end of this period to feel like having wasted a great amount of time. The world seems to have stopped outside but time is still just as precious.

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