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Harper’s Bazaar interview

In March 2019, when Harper’s BAZAAR HK‘s team was in Paris for the fashion week, they needed an interpreter (Cantonese-French) in order to carry out a random street interview about fashion, skincare and French lifestyle. I accepted the job and worked for the first time in my life as an interpreter! It was a fresh new experience for me.

Harper’s BAZAAR HK also interviewed me and we did a day of filming in the Jardin du Luxembourg, but also outside the park, in the streets of Paris. I remember that we met at around noon and we filmed until around 5:30pm. For the clip, the team lent me the outfit. It was a cold and rainy day, and the filming was not easy. The French passers-by told me, “On a froid pour vous!” (We feel cold for you!)

We started on the wet floor of the park, then continued outside, suddenly it started raining and we went into a Japanese restaurant not far for the interview and I had a very nice time talking to Vincent Choi and Billy Elvis.

Now the clip is finally out! My very first video interview was about winning the Stars Award ballet competition in Hong Kong. Very shy and nervous, I was terrified after the interview because I spoke unnaturally and in an uncomfortable manner. I wondered how I could answer to questions correctly in interviews, and whether I would be able to do it at all one day. Now, the very same story have been told in the form of interview clips by a few Hong Kong medias. As impossible as it might seem all those years ago, I feel more and more confident speaking today.

As the saying goes,

What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up.

3 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar interview

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  1. Love your blog.
    I’m from Houston Texas USA. If you ever dance in my city I’ll come see you. I think you’re marvelous.
    Good luck with everything you do. Many blessings and the best wishes for you.


  2. Cher Chun,
    Très beau reportage (article) et vidéo où tu performes de la meilleure des façons : INCROYABLE ! Tu as une présence et un sens artistique inné !
    Très belle gestuelle et c’est très esthétique !
    Une performance incroyable surtout avec des conditions climatiques vraiment pas facile !!
    Très beau complément avec ton article du 27 01 2021 !!


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