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France back to normal, creation by Alan Lucien Oyen

By now, France seems to be back to normal completely. The public transports are in full service, almost no more strike, and the Paris Opera too is opening its doors to the audience once again.  The first ballet that is performed after the social movement is Giselle, an eternal classic created at the Paris Opera... Continue Reading →

Full length – Special demonstration of the Paris Opera Ballet Due to the strike movement in France but also inside the Paris Opera, all performances after 5th December were cancelled. For me, who was supposed to perform in Raymonda this December, we only did the very first performance on 3rd December, and then all the other 21 shows were cancelled. The employees of the... Continue Reading →

Strike continues at the Paris Opera

It's been 21 days since Opera started going on strike. 50 performances have been cancelled, and the audience must be very disappointed, especially those who came from far away to watch the performances. This social movement has dramatic economic consequences for the Paris Opera, who might just have lost more than 14 million euros...... The... Continue Reading →

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