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Hong Kong Ballet’s Peter Pan~

Yesterday night, the Hong Kong ballet started its 40th Anniversary Season. The ballet company’s new director, Septime Webre, brought his own production of “Peter Pan” to Hong Kong. It was an Asian Première and the audience seemed excited to discover this ballet.

Photo area outside at the lobby

Septime came out to the stage and gave a casual speech before the performance began. He thanked the partners of this production (LeeGarden and Hysan Place to my memory) and explained to the audience a few basic rules for watching a ballet performance. Like not to talk, no photo shooting… etc. He also talked about the words “Bravo” for a male performer, “Brava” for a female, and “Bravi” for several. I appreciate how he gives the company much more exposure and aims to educate the Hong Kong audience and invite them to the world of ballet.

Curtain Call

Peter Pan was a very lively and funny production with fairytale-like costumes and sets. Of course, with flying main characters throughout the entire performance which was quite interesting to see. The dancers showed strong technique and beautiful lines too. It is especially suitable for families to bring their kids and see ballet for the first time as it is very accessible. Probably inspired by American musicals, Peter Pan is very entertaining to watch.

Bumped into my ballet teacher and friend!

Before I leave, I bumped into some of my old ballet teachers and ballet friends! So good to see them again after all these years!

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