A bag of snacks~

My ballet school’s annual performance in Hong Kong, Stars of Tomorrow 2019, took place at Shatin Town Hall yesterday evening. This event brought me back loads of good memories of course. I had been performing in it for many years, and it had been for me the end of a wonderful summer where I could dance all day, everyday. Yesterday, I watched it from the audience. All the students danced beautifully and even, professionally! This made me very proud of my former ballet school. Very proud.

When I was still a student, doing several pieces in the first part and the lead role in the second part of the performance, those few days of shows and rehearsals in the theatre were very tiring. One year, just before the first show, I received a huge bag full of different types of good-show snacks. What a nice surprise it was! I felt so touched and energised for the performance after!

Another memory was in London. It was the very first time for me to travel on my own to Europe, to attend the Royal Ballet School’s summer intensive, at the age of 14. The summer intensive course lasted for two weeks in London. After the first few days, I was totally overwhelmed by the new environment and all that was happening around me that I was not familiar with. I was very very homesick….. Then, my future host family (who received me during weekends in Paris) went to the China Town in London and left me a huge bag full of Chinese/Asian snacks at the dormitory where I stayed, since they were aware of my homesickness……….

I’ve never forgotten these kind gestures, and I think the best way to thank these people is to pass on their thoughtfulness and generosity to other people.

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