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Taiwan Family Trip – Part II

During our 4-days trip, we spent most of the time visiting the city of Taipei. Although we can notice the mix of Japanese-Chinese culture, the unique identity of Taiwan, enjoy the night markets (with delicious and cheap street food), certain arty districts….. etc., there was no major surprise inside the city. On our last day, we went to a village called Jiufen (九份) which is approximately one-hour by bus from the city center of Taipei and it was much more deserving to see.

Upon our arrival at Jiufen, we could appreciate this beautiful view. We knew that Taiwan is known for its natural landscapes, but it often require a lot of travelling to get to the nice places. We walked upwards a little and there was a long street, packed with small local artisanal shops on both sides and with red Chinese lanterns nicely hanging down, it was a pleasant discovery.

p.s. I am deeply saddened by what is happening right now in Hong Kong……. this is very different from the Hong Kong that I used to love and be proud of………..

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