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2018 had been a very important year for Chun. Full of ups and downs, challenges and emotion, he went though the most revealing and shocking moments imaginable. It made him learn so much, and grow.
It is a year to remember. Now he sees things very differently and has a new attitude towards his life.

To take a step back and look at the year 2018, he could appreciate how wonderful life had been. Happy New Year to you all!


Looking back on Chun’s 2018…..

– A very nice two-weeks stay in Hong Kong
– Preparation of Concours de Promotion in March 2018
– Understudying Daphnis and Chloe (Millepied) and Bolero (Bejart)
– Ankle injury, unable to participate in Concours
– Met new friends in Paris, had so much fun visiting around together, and nice talks.
– Came back in Die Grosse Fuge (Keersmaeker)
– Decided to do Varna International Ballet Competition in Summer, speedily started the preparation
– Understudying La Fille Mal Gardée (Ashton)
– Injury at the hip
– Varna Competition with the injury, surprisingly won a prize.
– Nice family trip in Paris
– New Season at Opera, started rehearsing La Dame and Robbin’s Glass Pieces
– Concours de Promotion in November
– Trip to Budapest (for visit)
– La Dame performances……….


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